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            Chazal, our Sages, speak of our innate duality as embodied by the mashal (parable) of the Horse & Rider. In order to reach our destination both the horse and rider are vital. The rider coaxes the horse higher and higher up the mountain path. Occasionally, he pats the horse, offers it a sugar cube, or stops for the horse to refresh itself from the cool stream along the way. But it is the rider that chooses the goal and watches out for obstacles.


Sometimes, together they manage to avoid the perils and sometimes the horse's graceful and powerful body triumphantly jumps the hurdles. But if the horse is left to follow its own whims will they ever reach their destination?

In my coaching I strive to guide my clients to masterfully move forward in Life and in their Relationships. When we understand that our true success comes from the harmony between Horse and Rider - Body and Soul - we are energized to find our unique path and to acquire the skills to find harmony in our most important relationships.

Together we can succeed! 




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